149 The saga of Bouwe Jans

The Van Gogh Museum has the good fortune of having acquired a tenacious, articulate, unforgiving critic with enough right on his side to teach it a valuable lesson. Whether the museum sees it that way I do not know; I‘m sure that I would not enjoy reading about myself the kind of things that the Dutch-English art dealer Bouwe Jans has published about the museum in his cantankerous book Artquakes and van Gogh. Yet the van Gogh Museum and other arbiters of authenticity do have much to learn from his report.

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174 Shoot the piano player’s girlfriend

That François Truffaut’s masterly film Shoot the piano player is based on the David Goodis novel Down there is acknowledged by the director. What Truffaut did not realize is that Goodis’s book is a retelling of Joseph Conrad’s Victory. [Having published this discovery in 2003, Schwartz is dismayed that no one seems interested in it. Cahiers du Cinéma did not answer his mail on the subject.] Continue reading “174 Shoot the piano player’s girlfriend”